Man cave table games: Where men compete for beer and titles.

It might be a game to you dear, but to me it is an essential part of life.

Man caves across the land are equipped with some of the finest gaming gear around. From nostalgic 80’s arcade games like Pacman or Space Invaders to more traditional games like Foosball and Pool. It is these sort of man cave table games that raise your man space up to the highest standards and keep your guests entertained, competitive and wanting to come back for more. But choose wisely. It is easy to get this wrong by going too cheap. If your Foosball table slides around the floor when a player twists an arm too quickly, your game is too light and liable to fall apart. If your pool table has bumps on the surface the size of Kilimanjaro then your base is made of cheap MDF and will warp and bend over time. Whilst you do not need to spend thousands of well earned coin on a central table top game, do not spend too cheaply or you will pay for your error with an uninspiring, and ultimately empty man cave devoid of competitors.

Man cave table games can earn you many beers provided you learn to master them.

What is especially important with your man cave table games is that you learn to master them. Make sure that you are the man cave king when it comes to the games you offer. This is important because a) it will help you get back some of the money you have spent on your man cave by betting with your friends and then demolishing them with your skill and, b) it allows you to compete for, and win, more beer.

Our budget pool table pick

If you have room in your man cave then one of the most crucial man cave table games to include in your space is a pool table. There are many to choose from but if you are looking for a budget option that still has good play ability then you cannot go wrong with the Hatherway Fairmount 6 footer. Not quite full size and does use an MDF table top, albeit a sturdy one that will not warp over time. The table has adjustable feet so that you can level the surface to prevent your ball bending like a banana every time you hit it. All in all, this is a good table for practising your skills on as you progress towards the crowning glory of Man Cave Pool Champion.

Dimensions: 76L x 43.25W x 32H inches and includes all you need to play pool. The table folds up for easy storage and portability so it can easily be moved to make space for watching the big game. This portable pool table set includes a full set of billiard balls, two pool cues, two pieces of cue chalk, a table brush, a triangle rack, and a polyester bag.

Our recommended pool table pick

Bring modern style and awesome billiards action into your home with the Fat Cat 7 ft. Tucson Billiard Table. This affordable, highly playable table boasts a cool black and blue theme with a futuristic profile that looks great in any man cave. It’s got hard MDF play surface covered in blue polyester cloth, rubber bumpers around the edges, and a drop pockets with a handy ball retrieval system. Sitting upon for curved legs with braces for added stability, it’s the perfect addition to your man cave table games collection.

Simply attach the heavy duty arcade style legs to the table’s base and you’re ready to play. Rubber bumpers make the hardest of bank shots a possibility. Equipped with a side ball return system, the Fat Cat Tucson collects and stores your billiard balls.

Arcade-style legs provide the Tucson with aesthetics of modern design while the adjustable leg levelers accommodate for uneven floor surfaces by allowing you to fine-tune the height of each leg, increasing the table’s stability.

The Tucson’s surface bed includes a protective moisture-resistant membrane beneath the low-friction sapphire-toned polyester cloth. The vibrant sapphire hue makes a bold statement and compliments the table’s sleek black rails.

The Tucson’s play package includes 2 pieces of performance chalk, 1 resin triangle, 2, 57 inch two-piece hardwood cues, and 1 set of 2-1/4 inch billiard balls.

Eighteen frost-toned circle sights are systematically located on the table’s rails, allowing players to align their perfect shot. Their frost-white tone pairs well with the table’s midnight black rails and arcade style legs. Rubber Bumpers keep the billiard balls’ momentum powerful and are engineered to absorb minimal energy when struck by player’s banked shots, allowing for greater precision. As we know, man cave table games that lack precision are not worthy of being called a man cave game.

Our budget Foosball table pick

The Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table is a great addition to any man cave. This compact tabletop version offers the excitement of fast-action competitive play similar to regulation sized tables so if you master this, then becoming man cave champion on any other table should be a sinch. With chrome plated steel rods and ergonomic rubber handles designed to fit comfortably in your hand, playing for long periods should not be a problem (as long as the wife allows it). The playing field is made of MDF rather than particle board or plastic with strong L-shaped legs designed to endure hours of rigorous game play. The legs have an added bonus of non marking rubber pads to prevent scratches on your floors, tabletops, or other furniture.

Durable plastic players have been strategically moulded to improve accuracy when passing and shooting. The FX40 also features a 3-man goalie design to work around those tough corner shots. Slidable scoring systems on each end help players keep track of who is winning the game and the goal boxes are designed to easily and automatically return the ball. Includes two soccer foosballs. If you do not have a table foosball already in your man cave, then this would make a great addition that will not blow the budget.

Our recommended Foosball table pick

The KICK Triumph was designed for the serious Foosball enthusiast and wannabe-man-cave-champion. With chrome detailing this table will not look out of place in any man cave. As man cave table games go, the Foosball table in general can give you hours of fun whilst drinking beer. This table will elevate the experience and will have your buddies wanting to come around more often for some serious bragging rights.

Learn to master this fine piece of equipment and you will be hard pressed to find another table that you could not get to grips with. You will not find a more precise table than this. Designed by a Foosball table champion, this table has the serious man caver in mind. Designed to hone your skills and ensure that you win copious amounts of beer at the weekends.

Man cave table games

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