Man cave posters – Why?

Am I looking for man cave posters or signs?

It is important to distinguish the difference between posters and signs. Signs are usually displayed around the bar area and contain short, witty comments pertaining to your man cave. Man cave posters have a different job as they are larger and have a more arty aura about them. Whilst they too can contain short, witty comments, they take a more pride of place in the man cave. They can be seen as art that portrays the vibe of the space they occupy. Man cave posters can be framed and hung on the wall next to, say, a guitar and are designed to speak out to your guests. A sign is there to be read when someone is close to it and happens to look in that direction. A poster is designed to draw the eyes to it when someone first enters the room. If the poster is rubbish then prepare to defend your physical being as your friends throw drawing pins at your eyes.

When you are choosing your man cave posters the most important thing to remember is you must like it. There is no point hanging something on the wall that you yourself do not like, even if it is in keeping with the theme of your man cave. Also ensure that the size you are getting fits the space you are considering hanging it. Whilst the picture of the poster in the online store may look good, double check the dimensions and use your inbuilt manly measuring tape and visualise the size by pointing both of your index fingers out and separating them by the number of inches (or centimetres) described in the item write up. You could get out a measuring tape and see how big 22 inches is, but the finger technique is accurate enough, as we all know.

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