man cave lighting – Shed some light on the subject

Let there be light with man cave lighting

Now it is time to light up your man cave. Man cave lighting is probably the most important aspect of the man cave. Whilst the bar may be a crucial centre piece, the lighting is what adds the final touch to your creation. Too bright and you lose the warmth, too dim and you will find beer spills everywhere. The man cave lighting you choose will either bring your space to life, or will kill it and send everyone to the better lit pub. There are many options to choose from when it comes to lighting up your man cave. From classy down lights set in the ceiling which can be controlled by a dimmer switch, to expressive neon lighting that brings an energy to your space.

Choose wisely and make sure you are in keeping with the overall theme of your man cave. If you are preparing a cave that pays homage to Prince, then maybe purple lighting would add to the overall effect. Similarly, if you are going for the working man’s pub vibe, then purple lighting would have everyone running for the working man’s pub. Things to avoid are white fluorescent lighting tubes, they suck the atmosphere out of the room. You should also avoid ultraviolet lights or black lights as they are just corny and make everyone’s teeth look stupid.

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