Man cave fridge ideas. Essential beer coolers.

You call it a fridge. I call it the man cave fridge

No man cave is complete without something box shaped that makes drinks cold. Serve up warm beer and your guests will be heading for the pub before you can even say “I’ll put the beer in the kitchen freezer for a while”. Nope. You better have yourself some kind of cooling device if you want your man cave to maintain a reputation of cool. A man cave with out a man cave fridge may as well be just a cave. If you do not have cold beer at hand then get ready to duck as your buddies spit warm, fizzy liquids at you.

The man cave fridge does not have to be a top-of-the range unit costing enough coin to buy a new car. But it does have to do the job of cooling. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cool looking the unit is, if it doesn’t cool then it isn’t cool. Buying a fridge that comes with Kitt* radar lights is all well and good, but if Kitt-The-Fridge doesn’t do cooling very well then you may as well have bought a brick. The only useful bricks in a man cave are the ones propping up the roof, and possibly the bar counter.

You call it a keginator. I call it the man cave keginator

When looking for a fridge you may stumble upon a keginator. No, it is not the name of a pro wrestler. It is a beer keg refrigerator. Ideal for keeping those kegs cold throughout an entire five day test match. If drinking beer from a keg is your thing, and why wouldn’t it be, then a keginator is what you are looking for. But do not purchase a keginator at the expense of a fridge. Your man cave still needs a man cave fridge, keginator or not.

Whatever your beer cooler of choice, it might also be wise to check the cooler’s energy consumption. It is all well and good having a great man cave fridge that keeps beer at that perfect temperature, but if it requires enough energy to run a small town then I would probably steer clear of it. The last thing you want is a man cave that is having a serious affect on the family finances. Plus, it is always good to be thinking about ozones and greenness.

*We are in no way endorsing a Knightrider themed man cave and are simply using it for illustrative purposes.

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