The Man cave couch: A place watch sport in peace.

The man cave couch is as important as oxygen

Much like your man cave chairs, your sofa(s) need to be comfortable otherwise you will not find your guests staying for the duration of the big game and will instead opt for going to the pub. A man cave couch (or sofa) is also important for the wife or girlfriend. When she comes and visits you in your man cave to watch space ships shooting torpedoes at other space ships, she will want to sit next to you without a built-into-the-armrest beer cooler or games console separating you. Furthermore, this is the ideal time to cuddle up and and make her feel special in your man space. This is vitally important. If your wife feels happy and comfortable in your man cave, your man cave will remain a friendly part of the household. If she sees it as a stinky, beer stained mess then your ability to utilise it properly will be deeply diminished. This is why choosing the perfect couch (or sofa) is of the utmost importance.

The only rule when inviting your wife into your man cave to snuggle up on the man cave couch is that under no circumstances do you allow such channels a E! Entertainment or TLC. Nor do you keep DVDs of Sex in the City or Bridget Jones’ Diary. If you make this vital mistake you are in danger of turning your man cave into a 2nd living room. Once that happens you will find your wife wanting to snuggle up and watch the Kardashians way too often. Before you know it you will be given ideas on how to add more colour and light to your man cave utilising such things as flowers and potpourri. So make sure when you do snuggle up on the man cave couch together, that you are watching Die Hard and not Love Actually.

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