Man cave bar stools: Don’t make your buddies stand all night.

If you are now looking for ideas for bar stools, it would be safe to assume you have decided on your bar counter. And if you are doing this properly, then you should have a good idea of your theme. So now your man cave bar needs man cave bar stools. After all, whats the use of a bar when you can’t sit around it drinking beer pulled from your themed beer taps? The chances are that the bar you have built or purchased did not come with any bar stools. If it did then you wouldn’t be here looking for ideas for bar stools. With that in mind it is time to consider what type of bar stool you want.

Without man cave bar stools you have no man cave bar

There are many kinds of bar stools to suit many types of bar counters. Choose wisely here. Your bar stools must match your bar otherwise your entire centre piece will be ruined. Having a modern chrome and black bar counter with a glass top is not going to match wooden stools carved in the shape of skulls with purple velvet cushions. Whilst that may sound cool, your man cave will appear to have an identity crisis. And because your man cave is a reflection of you, it will reveal that you too have an identity crisis. Not good.

Butt cheek friendly bar stools make for happy man cavers

So what is the bar stool for? For many years man has drank beer around a bar. It is called the horizontal position. Every now and then, when man is watching a game on TV he will find that his feet begin to get tired. This requires man to find some form of seating. This is where man cave bar stools comes in. However, it must be noted that man does not stay in the seated position for long periods of time. He will occasionally jump up out of the seat to cheer on a man on TV running with a ball. These bouts of spontaneous standing occur often and without warning. It is essential then that the stool in question is durable and of a comfortable quality.

Furthermore, during these episodes of sitting and standing it imperative that the man does not spill his beer. So having man cave bar stools with arm rests is a good idea. Another sure way to prevent beer spillage is to have stools that can be simply fallen back into without the need for raising a butt cheek whilst on tip toes to gain traction.

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