Man cave bar counter decisions. Get it right.

The bar within your man space should be one of the most important, and possibly most expensive pieces of furniture you buy. The man cave bar counter top is the best place for vertical beer drinking with your buddies. OK, so not all man caves have or require a bar. It is perfectly acceptable to recline back in front of the TV and drink beer horizontally. When your buddies pay you a visit they can do the same. But for that extra pub-like experience without the pub-like regulations and drunken bar flies, a man cave bar is definitely worth considering.

It’s a man cave bar counter, size is not important.

The bar does not have to be a big sprawling counter top able to fit hundreds of people calling your name frantically trying to get served. No, that is what pubs are for. Your bar can be small and compact, especially if space is a problem you have to deal with. It isn’t the size that matters but how it looks and compliments the aesthetics of your man cave in general. On this occasion the saying “size does not matter” actually rings true.

Get the design right, Karate is hard to master.

As the gathering spot for vertical beer drinkers, the bar should be in keeping with the general theme. There is no point having a batmobile* themed bar top when you are going for a Harley Davidson themed man cave. That would be a fundamental man cave error and would have your buddies rolling around on the floor in laughter as they karate kick your feet from under you. So before you spend money on buying (or building) your man cave bar counter, make sure you have an idea of the the overall theme.

*We are in no way endorsing a batman themed man cave and are simply using it for illustrative purposes.

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Having built three man caves for myself over the years, my experience in the field is pretty good. No doubt there are better cavers out there, but it is what it is. Currently living in the UK looking after Jon Benn's place whilst he is away (yes Jon, the house is fine).