Man Cave Bar Accessories

What good is a man cave without some awesome man cave bar accessories?

A man cave bar, space allowing,  can be the central focal point of your man cave. Do it well and it can be the difference between hearing “nice man cave” and “now THIS is what I’m talking about!”. The bar can be the glue that holds the theme together. No matter how big or small the bar space is you can pimp it out with some very cool man cave bar accessories. Turn your man cave into the go-to place for beer and televised sport.

If I don’t have a bar do I need man cave bar accessories?

The man cave bar does not always find a place in the modern man cave. Not for want of trying though. Sometimes space is at too much of a premium to fit a whole bar in. Nevertheless, kitting out your space with man cave bar accessories does not necessitate having a bar. You need beer mats to protect your table tops from spillages for example. You will need cool bottle openers too. What about signage and wall art? Don’t underestimate the power of the short quote written on a hanging sign. These signs are tiny pieces of wisdom and wit imparted in such a way as to bring knowledge and laughter your man cave. Without these how are we going to win at Trivial Pursuit (Master Edition)?

There are other things to consider too. You will need shelving for glasses and bottles, possibly taps for pouring that perfect draft beer and optics for easily pouring spirits. Then there are the aesthetics surrounding the bar such as posters about your favourite beer, spill trays and signs that light up providing an atmosphere that not even the pub can provide. All of these things need careful consideration whether you have a bar or not. Get it wrong and you will find your buddies enjoy throwing pizza crusts at you when they visit.

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